Global Cybersecurity Camp [GCC] 2021

Wei Wei
3 min readFeb 10, 2021


For the past weekends (16 Jan 2021– 7 Feb 2021), I’ve had the honor of joining the Global Cybersecurity Camp or GCC for short. *Insert Zuko’s honor memes here*.

Also, an interesting thing I noticed is that GCC is also the name of a compiler which I guess makes GCC both the acronym for “Global Cybersecurity Camp” and also a nod towards this field.

What is GCC?

GCC is an annual 1-week international cybersecurity training programme that involves Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and more countries.

Annually, the best 48 students (maximum) from member countries gather in one of the participating countries for a week to exchange experience, forge a life-long friendship, and learn from the best cybersecurity professionals. Non-commercial education programs and communities organize the program supported by industry leaders who care about the safe digitalization of the world.

This year’s GCC is hosted online by AIS3 from Taiwan! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to meet up physically with everyone like the years before due to the pandemic this year. *Cries..*

Details of GCC 2021 Online

GCC 2021 Information
GCC 2021 Poster
GCC 2021 Time Table
GCC 2021 Timetable

Road to GCC 2021

NanoSec Malaysia was looking for up to 5 talented Malaysian students to represent Malaysia & participate at the upcoming GCC Camp 2021. In order to try out, I sent out my resume and successfully got through the interview and landed a place in GCC this year! *Yayyy*

Joining me was 5 other Malaysians who are Ali, Amir, Ezaly, Hong Wei and Yik Han.

Summary of GCC 2021

GCC 2021 started off with a lecture on “Ways to boost up your hacker skills” from Brian Pak. He also introduced us to a platform called DreamHack where we can learn different topics in cybersecurity. I checked it out and it was really interesting and beginner-friendly for even someone like me!

We also had lectures on topics like “Implementation of Home T-Pot” , “Reverse APT Malware with Ghidra” , “Cracking Crypto and Cryptography Design” and “Home IoT Device Security”.

During GCC, all students were split into a total of 5 groups and each group would need to complete a groupwork together. The group I was assigned to had students from Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia!

At the end of GCC, a CTF is organized by AIS3 and I joined with friends from the same team. Sadly, the challenges were all too advance for me and my brain was overloaded from it. *(⋟﹏⋞)*

During the closing ceremony, each country will have a representative and a student representative to give a speech. Ali was selected to represents us students from Malaysia and he wrote a poem for GCC which I think is so awesome! We also took a group photo to commemorate this camp.

Say Cheese for the group photos~~


Overall, it was a fun experience meeting everyone from different countries and learning everything together. Here’s hoping that we have a chance to meet each other in the future!

A Special Shoutout!

Here’s a special shoutout to all those who is involved in GCC Online 2021 and especially to NanoSec members for this chance to join GCC.

This includes:

  • Mr Khoo Li Jing
  • Mr Jin Fu
  • Mr Tommy Wong
  • Mr Hafez Kamal
  • Mr Jaan Yeh

and also the amazing people I met from this:

  • Ali
  • Amir
  • Ezaly
  • Hong Wei
  • Yik Han

Good luck to all of us in our future and thank you for reading until so far! :)